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The Purpose of Catholic Education

Posted by Joseph Munning on 9/07/18

The role of Catholic religious education is neither to make you a philosopher nor a classically trained theologian. The role of religious education is not to indoctrinate you to fear hell and feel dirty.  It’s not to make young men priests.  It’s not to give you a laundry list ... Read More »

When is Confirmation? 1st Communion? How do I sign up for religious ed? How do I keep up with everything going on? Look no further than here.

Posted by Joseph Munning on 9/07/18


Stay tuned for all the highlights and upcoming events for Holy Family religious education.  High school education, confirmation, 1st communion, vacation bible school, bible studies, and more will all be posted here, once a week, along with other resources for your personal edification, where it's all in one ... Read More »