Social Concerns

The Social Concerns Committee is to challenge our faith community to work for social justice in our church, our community and our world. They have a two-fold mission. First, they encourage members of our community to do direct social service for the needs of our local residents and those abroad. Secondly, it is the role of this committee to educate our community about social issues and to bring about a conversion of hearts for social change which comes from living the Gospel values. Active ministries include, but are not limited to, issues of social justice, within our church, community, nation and world, the Community Food Bank, blood drives, Haiti, AIDS awareness, and disaster relief.  New members and ideas are ALWAYS welcome!  For further information, please contact John Schroering at (812) 482-4915 or Jan Stenftenagel at (812) 630-3113.


Dupity, Haiti

Holy Family Parish has adopted the parish of our Lady of Perpetual Help in Dupity, Haiti through the Parish Twinning Program.  Through monthly collection boxes, quarterly collection envelopes, Mass stipends, and cantor and musician funeral stipends, money is collected and sent to Dupity monthly.

Other major components of this program are the Student Sponsorship Program, which provides an individual, family, group or organization the opportunity to sponsor a student from Dupity, and the Women's Project, which helps provide funds for women in Dupity to begin small businesses.

Father Renell, pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, oversees the administration of all funds that are received from Holy Family and remains in contact with the Dupity Committee on a regular basis.  

If you are interested in this type of service, please contact John Schroering at 812-482-4915 or Jan Stenftenagel at 812-630-3113.  

More information is also available on the Friends of Dupity Facebook page.  


This is a photo of the Daihatsu truck our donations helped purchase for the people of Dupity!  This truck is vital for the community because it is the only means of transporting food and water, as well as goods and people in and out of Dupity!  

These are photos of the new classrooms our donations help build for the children of Dupity!  Dupity has classes for children from preschool through 9th grade.  The second photo runs to the right side of the first, and the building in the background is Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Dupity.  

 May the Good Lord continue to bless your generosity!