Page Last Updated 8/25/2020

"Religion is the world in its journey toward God.  Christianity is God journeying toward the world, and people who believe in him taking the same direction as he.

- Cardinal Hans Urs von Balthasar


Fall 2020 brings an exciting opportunity for our faith families as we begin a challenging year of education. The four area parishes & St. John Bosco Youth Ministry are working this year to bring our youth Together.

Beginning Sept. 16 Together replaces our Wednesday night middle school & high school religious education program for the fall semester.

Together will support weekly online family faith formation that we’ve made available for free to all middle & high school youth in the Jasper area parishes. It allows the youth to be together as they navigate the  challenges of today. Our children will be encouraged to build, share, & learn about their Catholic faith & our heritage in a caring, safe environment.

Together not only unites our youth but also our parishes as we move forward to love, know, & serve the Lord. We have assembled a wonderful dedicated team of friendly faith-filled catechists to teach your children about Jesus's love for them and his Church's role in supporting them and accompanying them for the rest of their lives. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Holy Family's Director of Religious Education, Joseph H. Munning IV at [email protected] or 812-482-3076 ex 304.


Time & Format:

Middle School: Wednesday evenings starting September 16, 6-7 PM, at Saint Joseph.
High School: Wednesday evenings starting September 16, 7:15 – 8:15 PM, at Saint Joseph.

At-Home Reflections - family at-home religious education will include a link providing reflections about our Catholic faith and discussion questions that engage the family. It will include a passage from the bible, may include a short video and questions/answers along with resources for those who want to go deeper/and for parents to gain better understanding to articulate the faith. The At-Home option is compatible with the Together option. Parents & youth can participate in both. Those who choose Together will also receive the link for the online option.

One event each month this fall will be held at another parish in Jasper. A schedule for Together will be provided in September.


You can register: here