Invitation to Catholic Teachings

     “Invitation to Catholic Teachings” is for Catholics who want to learn more about their faith.  You may have questions about the Catholic faith & want to come to a deeper understanding. 

We are here to welcome you, & to help with any questions.


Discipleship for Inactive or Returning Catholics

   As baptized and practicing Catholics, we have a most precious gift of faith, love, and community.  These gifts need to be shared with those who are inactive in their Catholic faith or those who have questions about their Catholic faith.  We are all entrusted with the responsibility and opportunity of discipleship.  If you know of someone who is not active in the Catholic Church or someone who has questions about their faith, please extend a personal invitation to speak with members of our Catholic Teachings Team. 

   You can make a lasting difference in someone’s life simply by reaching out to them; by inviting them to seek answers to questions that they may have; and by inviting them to be a part of our church community.  People have a need to feel connected and many people are searching and longing to find something meaningful in their lives.

   Our team has made a commitment to accommodate and welcome returning Catholics, inactive Catholics, or those who have questions about their Catholic faith, on a year-round basis.  Please contact the parish office at 482-3076 to be connected to Sharon Burger, the coordinator of the Catholic Teachings Team, or a team member for a confidential interview. You will be invited to join on a spiritual journey with several team members who will answer any questions or concerns that you may have and who will walk with you and welcome you on your journey of faith in the Catholic Church. 

   In his book, The Joy Of The Gospel, Pope Francis states:  “All of us are called to offer others an explicit witness to the saving love of the Lord, who despite our imperfections offers us his closeness, his word and his strength, and gives meaning to our lives” (pg 61).

   Catholic Teachings Team Members:  Paul Ficker, Susie Ficker, Linus Lampert, Lana Hubers, Gayle Hochgesang, John Schroering, Pam Schwenk, Rita Tucker, Kay Fleck, Sharon Burger.

Catholic Teachings Team