Respect Life Ministry

       We believe that God, the Author of all life and  creation, has created human beings in His image and likeness and has  endowed each of us us with a special dignity. We believe that human life  is sacred and must be respected and protected at all stages,  from conception to natural death. We believe that all Christians have a  responsibility to participate in building a Culture of Life in their  families, communities and in the world. We must witnesses to the truth  that every human life is a gift from God and fight to counter any and  all threats to human life. We must strive to help those who are in  crisis and comfort those in loss, remembering that we are all sinners in  need of forgiveness and healing. We must respect and protect God’s  design for human sexuality and educate others about the beauty of His  plan for marriage.
   For more information on the Respect Life ministry, please contact Vicki Granacher at 812-634-1245.

Diocese of Evansville web page on Respect Life: 


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